Comprehensive Analysis of Photoreceptor
Gene Expression and the Identification of
Candidate Retinal Disease Genes
Supplemental Data

S1 Expression of Previously Mapped and Cloned Retinal Diseases
S2 SAGE Tag Levels for 3T3 and Hypothalamus and crx Wildtype and KO and Adult Retina
S3 SAGE Tag Levels for Previously Characterized PR-enriched Genes
S4 Tags down in crx Knockout
S5 Tags up in crx Knockout
S6 Summary of Photoreceptor-Enrichment and Disease Gene Identification by Venn
S7 Number of Tags that met Venn Criteria
S8 Full Venn Data
S9 Full In Situ Data with Pictures
S10 Full Gene List and Functional Breakdown
S11 Full List of Newly Characterized Candidate Disease Genes
S12 Newly Characterized Candidate Disease Genes that map to Uncloned Disease Loci
S13 Full Retrospective Analysis of Disease Genes Cloned in the Last 3 Years
S14 SAGE Tag Levels of Newly Characterized Genes
S15 List of Probes Used for Mouse In Situ Hybridizations
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